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Risen From Ashes is a gaming guild that is currently re-exploring the world of Norrath in Everquest on the Antonius Bayle server.  We are recruiting all classes for our rampage through classic everquest on the time-locked progression server Fippy Darkpaw. All we ask currently is that our applicants be 18+.  This will change in the near future.

 We strive to be the best we can be while balancing families, careers, our gaming addictions, and life in general.
Guild News

First Raid - In Review

KriegerRFA, Mar 29, 11 11:24 PM.
Risen From Ashes gathered this evening and traveled into the dreaded Plane of Hate.  Once there Xilbus the Blue led us to a crossroads where we set up our ambush point.  For three hours we laid waste to the hateful denizens and left feeling victorious.  Congratulations to the following individuals for lewtz!

Joowiz - Hate Crystal
Wumdaorf - Culler
Tacita - Cloak of the Assasin
Laereka - Bracer of the Craft Keeper
Griingo - Revultant WhipCuller
Xilbus - Crown of Hatred

Congratulations to everyone for a job well done.  More to follow!

Spring Cleaning

KriegerRFA, Mar 20, 11 11:58 AM.
I've been cleaning up the roster both in game and on the website.  If you were removed from either in game or the website by mistake please send an officer a tell in game or send me a message here and I'll fix it.  

I have only removed people who have been inactive for a month or greater.  There is not a guild requirement that you have to be active during that time frame, but if you are going to be away and wish to remain in the guild please let someone know.

Re-opening Recruitment

KriegerRFA, Feb 27, 11 7:27 PM.
Our evaluation period is over.  I have a fairly good feeling about who our regulars are and what we are going to need in the future to progress through raid content.  The recruitment widget on the right side of this page is now current and I have updated our recruitment thread on the Fippy Darkpaw forums.

Raiding will still be a ways off, as we have two very hardcore guilds fighting over the very few raid targets and it probably won't let up in Kunark.  Our goal is to reach the level cap, farm up our gear, work on tradeskills, and have a great time doing it.

Please stay tuned for more information.

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State of the Guild - Day 6

KriegerRFA, Feb 20, 11 2:25 PM.
Risen From Ashes has hit the ground running.  We are grouping, grinding, tradeskilling, leveling and kicking ass.  We have lost 1 member who out leveled everyone and felt that he would have a better home somewhere else.  No hard feelings, his play style just didn't coincide with ours.

We currently have 92 members including a few alts and boxes.  This includes approx. 17 melee, 34 casters, 14 hybrids and 27 priests.  Our average level is 11.

Congratulations to Bunap who is leading the pack at level 25! followed closely by Deth (25) and Carnifexx at 24.  Keep it up folks and we will be right behind you!

Recruitment is still on hold.  I want to get a better feel for what our needs are going to be.  I will be evaluating our strengths during our prospective raiding times.  According to our guild poll Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are what will work out for the majority of the guild.  Plan on those days for now and we can adjust tactics later if need be.

When recruiting opens back up I will definitely be looking for at least a couple of rangers.  We currently have 0.  We will probably be looking for more melee strength as well.

Our server has already seen the death of the first progression target Phinigel Autropos.  Twisted Legion accomplished this with what looks to have been a "swarm with mage pets" tactic.  Their average guild level is 25 with a breakdown of 13 melee, 26 casters, 14 hybrids, and 28 priests.  Very close to our own.

Members:  Join the discussion here!

Looking for Invite?

KriegerRFA, Feb 15, 11 8:32 PM.
We have officers set up in, or a short run from ALL the starting cities.  If you are looking for an invite /join RFA:RFA or our vent server and we will get it to you.
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